.3DS file extension

This is the basic program to work with .3DS extension

Bentley MicroStation XM Edition

Bentley MicroStation XM Edition Autodesk Design

The program works with the following extensions: dgn, dwg, dxf, hln, rdl, cel, 3ds, sht and dgnlib

.3DS extension is also supported by the following programs:

Bentley View

Bentley View Autodesk Design

Bentley View is a free DGN viewer, DWG viewer, and i-model viewer.

ZipZag 3D-FTP Skin

Handles Rar, Zip, Bz2, Ace, 7z, Iso, Cbr, Cbz, Tar, Cab, Jar, Msi, Pk3, Pak, Lzx.

VIViewer 3D Studio files

The Viewer for 3ds files with possibility to walk around objects.

3D-Tool Renderfile

With a friendly user interface that will guide the use through the steps.
Bentley Redline XM Edition

Bentley Redline XM Edition Autodesk Design


Viewer3ds 3D Studio 3D Scene (Mesh File)

Asymetrix 3D F/X

Asymetrix 3D F/X 3D Studio file

RealWorld Icon Editor

RealWorld Icon Editor 3D Studio Object

RealWorld Icon Editor is a complete solution for icons.
3D Photo Browser

3D Photo Browser File 3DS

3D Photo Browser for 3D Users is a browser for your 3D, photo and audio files.
Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer 3D model

Image Analyzer is a powerful and handy image editing software.

bCAD 3D Studio

bCAD Pro is a program system of a full cycle of designing.
Deep Exploration

Deep Exploration Deep Exploration 5.5 Autodesk 3D Studio

Deep Exploration - a manipulation tool for 2D and 3D product graphics.