.ACD-BAK file extension

This is the basic program to work with .ACD-BAK extension

Sony ACID Pro

Sony ACID ProSony ACID Pro 6.0

ACID Pro software is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and legendary ACID looping functionality for a seamless music-creation and post-production environment. .. (more)

The program works with the following extensions: acd, groove, acd-bak and acd-zip

.ACD-BAK extension is also supported by the following programs:

Sony ACID Music Studio

Sony ACID Music StudioACID Music Studio 7.0

ACID Music Studio was developed to be the best way to bring your music to life.
Sonic Foundry ACID Pro

Sonic Foundry ACID ProACID 4.0

Screenblast ACID

Screenblast ACIDSBACID 2.0 Project

Screenblast ACID is an easy-to-use music creativity Sony application.
Sony ACID Music

Sony ACID MusicMySQL Tools for

Sony ACID XPress

Sony ACID XPressMySQL Tools for



Sony ACID XMC (Xtreme Music Creation) is a music compositions creation tools.
ACID Music Studio

ACID Music StudioACID Music Studio 7.0

Acid Music Studio displays an interface similar to a real recording studio.

ACID XPressMySQL Tools for

ACID XPress is an advanced program that helps you compose music.
Sonic Foundry ACID XPress

Sonic Foundry ACID XPressACID 3.0 Project

Sonic Foundry ACID

Sonic Foundry ACIDACID 4.0