.BDF file extension

This is the basic program to work with .BDF extension

Quartus II Web Edition

Quartus II Web EditionQuartus II Block/Schematic File

Quartus II Web Edition FPGA design software includes everything you need to design for the following Altera® FPGA and CPLD families: - Cyclone®, Cyclone II, Cyclone III, Cyclone IV, and Arria® GX FPGAs - All MAX® CPLDs - Arria II GX FPGAs: EP2AGX45 - Stratix® III FPGAs: EP3SE50, EP3SL50, EP3SL70 etc... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: bsf, qar, qpf, vwf, smf, stp, bdf, cvwf and quartus

.BDF extension is also supported by the following programs:

Quartus II

Quartus IIQuartus II Block/Schematic File

Quartus® II software is number one in performance and productivity.

NuGrafMySQL Tools for

Advanced 3D Data Translation, Rendering & Scene Composition Software for Windows.

NuGraf/PolyTransMySQL Tools for

This is an advanced 3D data translation, rendering & scene composition software.

PolyTransMySQL Tools for

PolyTrans provides an set of precise and quality import/export converters.
NuGraf/PolyTrans Demo Installer (64-bits)

NuGraf/PolyTrans Demo Installer (64-bits)MySQL Tools for


SilkPerformerSilkPerformer Script File

Is a cost-effective, enterprise-class performance testing solution.
bCAD for Interior and Furniture Design

bCAD for Interior and Furniture DesignbCAD drawing