.DDB file extension

This is the basic program to work with .DDB extension

Protel 99 SE

Protel 99 SEMySQL Tools for

The program works with the following extensions: ddb, lib, sdf, rcs, net, pcb, prj, pld and sch

.DDB extension is also supported by the following programs:

DBManager Standard

DBManager StandardDBManager Catalog

A fully-featured database manager for MySQL, Postgre and many others.
Dynacom Accounting

Dynacom AccountingDynacom Accounting Database

Start out small but secure, knowing your software is ready to grow with you.
MC Series RSS

MC Series RSSRSS Database

Mixed-Signal Circuit Simulator

Mixed-Signal Circuit SimulatorProtel Design File

DBManager Professional

DBManager ProfessionalDBManager Catalog

management for databases.
Machining Strategist Demo

Machining Strategist DemoMachining Strategist Geometry


DBManagerDBManager Document


TroPEZTroPEZ Database file

Dispatching Made Easy

Dispatching Made EasyMySQL Tools for

DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan Alpha-I

DeZURIK/Copes-Vulcan Alpha-IAlpha-1 Document