.MCR file extension

This is the basic program to work with .MCR extension


CuteFTP CuteFTP.Script

CuteFTP is intended to transfer data using FTP, and some of its versions, including FTP/S (SSL), HTTP/S (SSL), SFTP(SSH2). Its multi-panel interface is very similar to that of a standard file manager, which means that it is approachable by most users. Still, if you have any difficulty, it is good to know that there is well-structured help documentation available... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: mcr, que

.MCR extension is also supported by the following programs:

Jitbit Macro Recorder

Jitbit Macro Recorder MySQL Tools for

It records and plays keypresses and mouse movement and clicks.

Canvas Canvas Macro Set

Canvas is a program which allows you to create and share technical illustration.

Bricscad BricsCad Macro file

Design 2D, 3D, mechanical, and building information models.
Canvas X

Canvas X Canvas Macro Set


PSXMemTool ePSXe or PSEmu PSX Save File

PSXMemTool is a software which converts memorycard saves for playstation console.
Gemmico FolderInfo

Gemmico FolderInfo FolderInfo File

TitleDeko Pro for Premiere

TitleDeko Pro for Premiere MACRO File Type

Tecplot 360 2008

Tecplot 360 2008 MySQL Tools for

Tecplot 360

Tecplot 360 Tecplot Macro

Tecplot 360 is a CFD & Numerical Simulation Visualization Software.