.MD5 file extension

This is the basic program to work with .MD5 extension


TeraCopyMD5 Checksum File

TeraCopy is a replacement for the file copy/move window in Windows explorer. It provides additional features such as the ability to skip files during errors such as low disk space. TeraCopy can also verify files after they have been copied to ensure that they are identical... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: md5, sfv

.MD5 extension is also supported by the following programs:


QuickParMD5 Checksum File

QuickPar is a free utility for creating Parity Volumes.

hkSFVMD5 File

hkSFV is an integrity file creator and checker for Windows.

QuickSFVFile Verification Database

QuickSFV has many features to help minimize the work in verifying files.
mkw Audio Compression Tool

mkw Audio Compression ToolFile Integrity Signature List

Compresses and decompresses files and checks their MD5 signatures.

FileVerifier++MD5SUM Formatted Verification List


RapidCRC.md5 file

RapidCRC is a file utility that verifies checksums of files.
Trader's Little Helper

Trader's Little HelperWholefile MD5 Checksum File

A program that can do various operations on audio files.

wxChecksumsMD5 Checksums

This program permits to create and check checksums in SFV and MD5 format.

TurboSFVFile Hash Information

mkw Audio Compression Toolkit

mkw Audio Compression ToolkitFile Integrity Signature List