.NOL file extension

This is the basic program to work with .NOL extension


IrfanViewIrfanView NLM File

IrfanView is a universal photo viewer and converter with support for hundreds of image formats. This application comes loaded with plugins for opening common as well as rare formats including RAW images; you can also install additional plugins by copying appropriate DLL files... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: swf, wmf, wma, wmv, bmp, gif, avi, flv, jpg, mp3, png, ico, psd, jpeg, djvu, mov, qt, au, ra, g3, rmi, jp2, raw, ttf, mng, med, snd, lbm, tif, xpm, cr2, ngg, pgm, sid, crw, nlm, nol, wav, ppm, ldf, exr, sff, ras, gsm, lwf, mos, cpt, rgb, ics, sfw, pbm, ima, sgi, swd, aif, pcd, jpf, dib, sun, mpv, acr, asf, pcx, swt, emf, b3d, ani, cam, lds, wdp, xbm, dcm, clp, jpe, kdc, dds, mid, cur, img, ecw, dcx, fpx, ogg, fsh, hdp, icl, mpe, j2k, eps, mpg, jng, psp, jpc, tga, jpm, tiff, wbmp, midi, mpeg and iw44

.NOL extension is also supported by the following programs:

Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia phones

Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia phonesOxygen Phone Manager II Operator Logo

A complete software tool to manage data and settings of your Nokia.

LogoManagerLogoManager Image File

LogoManager includes a range of tools for customizing Nokia old cell phones.
Oxygen Phone Manager II

Oxygen Phone Manager IIOxygen Phone Manager II Operator Logo

Oxygen Phone Manager empowers all Nokia owners with a unique combination of features to manage the c...