.PRT file extension

This is the basic program to work with .PRT extension


SolidWorksSolidWorks Part Document

SolidWorks is a program that provides enhanced engineering and design performances that help you get your work done faster and easier. You can manage product structures up front, access information everywhere and document designs for manufacture and assembly. You can also create detailed inspection reports for QA, calculate product costs as you design and print directly to 3D printers... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: asm, drw, prt, slddrw, sldasm and sldprt

.PRT extension is also supported by the following programs:

SolidWorks 2004

SolidWorks 2004SolidWorks Part Document

SolidWorks 2005

SolidWorks 2005SolidWorks Part Document

Steinberg Cubase VST 32

Steinberg Cubase VST 32part file

Chameleon Desktop

Chameleon DesktopChameleon Desktop preset

The fun way to tune your desktop wallpaper!

COSMOSMotionSolidWorks Part Document

SolidCAM2008 R12 Demo

SolidCAM2008 R12 DemoSolidcam Document

SolidWorks 2006-2007 Student Edition

SolidWorks 2006-2007 Student EditionSolidWorks Part Document


PrestoPresto Document

Cubasis VST 4

Cubasis VST 4 Part File


DynaSCAPEDynaSCAPE Project

Anyone using SketchUp can create beautiful 3D models.
Steinberg Cubase VST

Steinberg Cubase VST Part File

Cubasis VST

Cubasis VST Part File

Kubotek KeyCreator

Kubotek KeyCreatorKeyCreator Part File

Microsoft Product Studio

Microsoft Product StudioProduct Studio Template File