.RAP file extension

This is the basic program to work with .RAP extension

Britannica Ready Reference

Britannica Ready ReferenceMySQL Tools for

The new Britannica Ready Reference condenses more than 25,000 articles from Encyclopædia Britannica onto one CD-ROM to create a practical and powerful tool. With information on a wide-variety of subjects including arts, business, computers, geography, history, literature, medicine, philosophy, politics, pop culture, science, sports, and more... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: rap, rab, ran and rau

.RAP extension is also supported by the following programs:

Scientific WorkPlace

Scientific WorkPlaceScientific WorkPlace Document

Scientific WorkPlace can create and share mathematical and scientific text.

RaptorRAPTOR file

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Britannica Deluxe Edition

Britannica Deluxe EditionMySQL Tools for

Scientific Notebook

Scientific NotebookScientific Notebook Document

Scientific Notebook can create documents that contain text and graphics.
Britannica Standard Edition CD-ROM

Britannica Standard Edition CD-ROMMySQL Tools for

Britannica Concise

Britannica ConciseMySQL Tools for

Britannica CD Deluxe Edition

Britannica CD Deluxe EditionMySQL Tools for

Room Arranger

Room ArrangerRoom Arranger Project

Easily create your own house plan directly from your Windows PC.
Rapidocs Classic+

Rapidocs Classic+RapidocsClassic Document

It is a program that allows you to create completed JCT contracts.
Britannica Standard Edition

Britannica Standard EditionMySQL Tools for

Contains a feature that collects all of the best student-oriented tools.
Britannica DVD-ROM

Britannica DVD-ROMMySQL Tools for

Britannica Deluxe Edition CD-ROM

Britannica Deluxe Edition CD-ROMMySQL Tools for



RapidHarvest is yet another Rapidshare download manager for Windows.
Scientific Word

Scientific WordScientific Word Document

Scientific Word makes creating professional documents easy.