.SCN file extension

This is the basic program to work with .SCN extension

Symantec pcAnywhere

Symantec pcAnywherepcAnywhere Screen File

Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 can connect almost any two computers, regardless of what OS either is running. However, as with any non-Web-based remote desktop program, pcAnywhere users need to know the exact IP address of the target computer . Moreover, to connect via the Internet, pcAnywhere requires a third-party VPN... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: scn, pkg, fav and opt

.SCN extension is also supported by the following programs:

MGI VideoWave

MGI VideoWaveVideoWave Scene

Uninstall trueSpace7.6

Uninstall trueSpace7.6Caligari trueSpace Scene

SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000SimCity 2000 Scenario

EventStudio System Designer

EventStudio System DesignerScenario Project

It analyzes and catches design errors in success and failure scenarios.
Asymetrix Web 3D

Asymetrix Web 3DAsymetrix Web 3D Scene

Caligari trueSpace5

Caligari trueSpace5Caligari trueSpace Scene


trueSpace7.51Caligari trueSpace Scene

Caligari gameSpaceLight

Caligari gameSpaceLightCaligari trueSpace Scene


RoboWorksRoboWorks model file

RoboWorks is an easy to use software tool for 3D modeling, simulation...
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator

Flight Simulator Scenery CreatorFS Scenery Creator File

Flight Simulator Scenery Creator is scenery designing program.

trueSpace7.6Caligari trueSpace Scene

truSpace 7.6 is one of the most complete and powerful program for creating 3D.