.SFW file extension

This is the basic program to work with .SFW extension


IrfanViewIrfanView SFW File

rfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative freeware graphic viewer compatible with almost any version of Microsoft Windows. It is a highly useful tool to have if you are working with image and media files and need an instrument universal enough to make life easier... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: swf, wmf, wma, wmv, bmp, avi, gif, flv, mp3, jpg, png, ico, psd, jpeg, djvu, mov, au, qt, ra, g3, tga, jpm, mpg, jng, psp, jpc, mng, med, rmi, jp2, raw, ttf, cr2, ngg, snd, lbm, tif, xpm, crw, nlm, pgm, sid, exr, nol, wav, ppm, ldf, mos, sff, ras, gsm, lwf, pbm, cpt, rgb, ics, sfw, aif, pcd, ima, sgi, swd, acr, asf, pcx, jpf, dib, sun, mpv, b3d, ani, swt, emf, dcm, cam, lds, wdp, xbm, dds, mid, clp, jpe, kdc, ecw, cur, img, fsh, dcx, fpx, ogg, mpe, hdp, icl, eps, j2k, tiff, wbmp, midi, iw44 and mpeg

.SFW extension is also supported by the following programs:

Sonic Foundry Sound Forge

Sonic Foundry Sound ForgeMySQL Tools for

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio

Sony Sound Forge Audio StudioMySQL Tools for

Sound Forge Audio Studio software is the easiest way to work with music.
Sound Forge Pro

Sound Forge ProMySQL Tools for

Audio converter and editor with various functions and tools.
MGI PhotoSuite

MGI PhotoSuitePhotoSuite Image

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum

Vegas Movie Studio PlatinumMySQL Tools for

Edit video and photos without affecting the original files.
Screenblast Sound Forge

Screenblast Sound ForgeScreenblast Sound Forge 1.0

DVD Architect Pro

DVD Architect ProMySQL Tools for

DVD Architect Pro 5.0.119 is a pro tool for authoring DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.
MGI PhotoSuite SE

MGI PhotoSuite SEPhotoSuite Image



VuePrint useful tool for image processing and browsing.
Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas Movie StudioMySQL Tools for

Create your own movies and enhance them with dozens of video and audio effects.
Vegas Pro

Vegas ProMySQL Tools for

Professional video editing tool with support for 4K and Ultra HD movies.
Sound Forge Audio Studio

Sound Forge Audio StudioMySQL Tools for

Simple but powerful audio editor suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

photoWORKSSFW Photo File Type

MGI PhotoSuite III SE

MGI PhotoSuite III SE MGI PhotoSuite III Image