.XML file extension

This is the basic program to work with .XML extension

Internet Explorer

Internet ExplorerXML Document

The last in a line of browsers, Internet Explorer 11 is also the precursor of Microsoft Edge, the new Microsoft Web navigation tool for both Windows Phone and Windows 10. With the stress put on security and a faster browsing experience, IE 11 mixes backward compatibility with the support for the latest Web standards - such as HTML5, WebM, WebGL, etc. - and media codecs... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: gz, swf, xml, gif, jpg, htm, png, html, djvu, jpeg, x, c4, dx, aam, acb, wrz, scr, jp2, its, clx, mg2, url, wrl, ct4, ppm, dae, mfp, ctp, mg3, vdx, vsd, djv, plx, mht, wrb, vss, xyz, vst, lbi, j2k, odc, csm, vsx, jpx, hdt, vtx, scf, art, cub, vmo, sid, plg, xsl, gau, ssi, tgf, dds, cpc, tnt, cal, jpe, tlx, ovx, svg, hsp, x3d, ttz, cpi, stm, pdb, x3dz, shtm, jfax, csml, opml, hdtl, cube, rels, cals, itss, jfif, spop, svgz, x3dv, cpidl, bxwrl, mhtml, chtml, its51, ihtml, xhtml, lasso, shtml, bskey, bswrl, x3dvz, cftctp, cpijob, envctp, faxctp, hcrctp, lblctp, notctp, nwsctp, banctp, pcrctp, bizctp, sigctp, broctp, stictp, calctp, tshctp, xrm-ms, carctp, webctp, cerctp, xevgenxml and dtsconfig

.XML extension is also supported by the following programs:


SafariSafari Document

Safari is a fast web browser made by Apple for Windows.
Crazy Browser

Crazy BrowserXML Document

A reliable and convenient web browser at your disposal.

SeaMonkeyXML Document

The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop the SeaMonkey.

MozillaXML Document

Firefox is now easier to update with one less prompt.
JCreator Pro

JCreator ProXML Source File

It is faster, more efficient and more reliable than other Java IDE’s.

UltraEditXML Document

Opens huge multi-GB files and modifies them with ease.

NetscapeXML Document

Netscape 6 (formerly Netscape Communicator) is the first Internet software to seamlessly integrate b...
Altova XMLSpy

Altova XMLSpyXML Document

The industry-leading XML development environment with the top XML editor.

FirefoxMySQL Tools for

Imports your online info and favorites from any other browser.

OperaHTML Document

Well-known secure and fast web browser with a built-in ad blocker and VPN.

SharpDevelopXML File

It is an IDE for C#, VB.NET and Boo projects on Microsoft's .NET platform.

JCreatorXML Source File

JCreator is a powerful and comprehensive IDE for Java.

AmayaAmaya Files

Amaya is a complete web browsing and authoring environment.
Aptana Studio

Aptana StudioXML Document

It allows you to develop and test your entire web application.