.C++ file extension

This is the basic program to work with .C++ extension


CodeWarrior C++ Source File

With this product, developers can take advantage of developing C/C++ and Java applications that target Classic Mac OS, Mac OS X or Windows operating systems using a single integrated development environment. The CodeWarrior IDE has everything you need in one easy-to-use tool suite: an advanced project manager, build system, source code editor... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: c, h, i, a, mm, cp, hh, sl, c++, cww, lib, dbg, mcp, pch, eld, elg, dwf, hcp, asm, exp, icc, lcf, cpp, dir, hpp, mch, rsr, elf, tdt, map, sym, obj, plf, tel, dump, file, rsrc, imap, isym, xmap, xsym and pch++

.C++ extension is also supported by the following programs:

CodeWarrior Professional R5

CodeWarrior Professional R5 C++ Source File

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C++ Source

Develop console and GUI applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.