.CAB file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .CAB extension



Zipeg is a universal easy to use and freeware file opener for .zip and .rar.

StuffIt StuffIt Archive

StuffIt is a powerful and comprehensive archive manager.
Quick Zip

Quick Zip cab Archive

Quick Zip performs archive operations over a wide range of archive types.
SecureZIP for Windows

SecureZIP for Windows PKZIP File

SecureZIP gives you a host of tools to create and manage ZIP files.

UltimateZip UltimateZip File

Create, encrypt and extract archive files on your PC.
UltimateZip 2007

UltimateZip 2007 UltimateZip Cab File

UltimateZip is a commercial file compression utility.

PowerZip PowerZip Archive

Create password-protected Zip files and encrypt confidential documents.
PKZIP for Windows

PKZIP for Windows PKZIP File

PKZIP compresses and extracts files to greatly reduce required storage space.
Acubix PicoZip

Acubix PicoZip PicoZip CAB Archive

An easy to use file compression (ZIP) utility packed with lots of features.

SpeedCommander cab Archive

SpeedCommander is a neat, comfortable to use file manager.

ACDSee ACDSee CAB Archive

Organize, view, edit, print, catalog and find all of your graphic files.
PowerArchiver 2001

PowerArchiver 2001 PowerArchiver CAB File

PowerArchiver 2009

PowerArchiver 2009 PowerArchiver CAB File

PowerArchiver is a very powerful file compression utility.
My PowerDesk

My PowerDesk PowerDesk.Archive


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