.DB2P file extension

This is the basic program to work with .DB2P extension

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 IBM Database Project File

Microsoft Visual Studio is the development suite by Microsoft. With Visual Studio, you can create many different kind of applications and for many targets. From console applications to dynamic web pages, Visual Studio has all the tools a developer needs... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: s, h, c, i, ad, dd, cs, cd, vb, mk, rc, rct, wiq, cod, idl, inc, res, cpp, inl, rgs, cxx, xdr, jsl, ldd, sdl, lst, def, xsd, mak, srf, map, mtx, cur, dmp, tlh, dsp, tli, dsw, mdp, btm, dsl, dtd, svc, asm, vcp, odh, btp, vcw, hpp, trx, odl, vdp, hxx, odx, vjp, rc2, rdlc, wsdl, java, xmta, skin, xslt, asax, mdmp, ascx, ashx, asmx, aspx, xoml, disco, psess, vsmdi, config, master, btproj, sitemap, snippet, webtest, vspolicy, loadtest, coverage, dslsetup, vstemplate and datasource

.DB2P extension is also supported by the following program: