.HTML file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .HTML extension



Wyzo is an awesome new browser that optimizes your online media experience.
Netscape Browser

Netscape Browser

Netscape first to offer serious competition to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

UltraEdit Firefox Document

Rich text editor that provides syntax highlighting and code folding options.
Crazy Browser

Crazy Browser HTML Document

A reliable and convenient web browser at your disposal.

Shiretoko Firefox Document


K-Meleon Hypertext Markup Language Document

Web browser based on the Gecko layout engine of Firefox.
Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser is an Internet browser packed with rich features.

SeaMonkey HTML Document

The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop the SeaMonkey.
America Online

America Online AOL HTML Document


Mozilla HTML Document

Firefox is now easier to update with one less prompt.
Advanced Browser

Advanced Browser HTML Document

Advanced Browser has fast operation, good stability, and tabbed browsing.
Verizon Yahoo!

Verizon Yahoo! HTML Document

Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso Firefox Document


NetCaptor HTML Document

Enables the user to browse multiple web sites at the same time.

Amaya Amaya Files

Amaya is a complete web browsing and authoring environment.