.JFIF file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .JFIF extension

Access Help

Access Help JPEG Image

Cleanse Uninstaller

Cleanse Uninstaller JPEG Image

It's a uninstaller that finds and removes even the most stubborn of programs.
X Ball

X Ball JPEG Image

cash-based brick breaking game; buy powerups; fight enemies; create worlds.
Magic of Morning Screensaver

Magic of Morning Screensaver JPEG Image

Magic of Morning Screensaver will show you the most beautiful sunrises ever.
Device Control

Device Control JPEG Image

Oxford Multilanguage Pack

Oxford Multilanguage Pack JPEG Image

Oxford Multilanguage Pack Professional is a collection of 5 Oxford dictionaries.
Send Personally

Send Personally JPEG Image

Send Microsoft Outlook message to many recipients personally.
AllWaterfallSaver (Free Version)

AllWaterfallSaver (Free Version) JPEG Image

AllWaterfallSaver will bring majestic waterfalls to your screen.