.LHA file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .LHA extension

ZipMagic 2000

ZipMagic 2000 ZipMagic LHA

Use Zip Files without having to unzip them! Immediately know what is inside a zip file - and use zip...
Magellan Explorer

Magellan Explorer Compressed Archive

File manager with integrated FTP, text/hex/image viewer and archive support.
Ontrack ZipMagic

Ontrack ZipMagic ZipMagic LHA

PowerArchiver 2001

PowerArchiver 2001 PowerArchiver LHA File

PowerArchiver 2003

PowerArchiver 2003 PowerArchiver LHA File

Netzip Classic

Netzip Classic MySQL Tools for


EasyZip EasyZip file

EasyZip is an easy-to-use compression utility to create & extract archive files.
Quarterdeck Zip-It

Quarterdeck Zip-It Zip-It LHA File


BraZip Arquivo BraZip


ZipZag Lha/Lharc Archive

Handles Rar, Zip, Bz2, Ace, 7z, Iso, Cbr, Cbz, Tar, Cab, Jar, Msi, Pk3, Pak, Lzx.