.LOG file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .LOG extension

Growing Good Roses

Growing Good Roses Text Document

PhotoGIF Filter

PhotoGIF Filter Text Document

APEX True DBGrid Pro

APEX True DBGrid Pro Text Document

True DBGrid Pro add powerful data bound grids to your application.

JujuEdit Text Document

JujuEdit replaces notepad editing files as huge as 2GB.

ColorSafe Text Document

ColorSafe is a filter plugin for Adobe Photoshop and compatible applications.
The New Testament

The New Testament Text Document


ObjectStore Text Document


LogWorks LogWorks Log


AkelPad Text Document

AkelPad is an open source editor for plain text with advanced features.

MegaLogViewer Open xls and log files with MegaLogViewer

MegaLogViewer allows you to view MegaSquirt log files visually with graphs.
SAS Learning Edition

SAS Learning Edition SAS Log

Bringing the power of Data Analytics to individuals.

LogWorks3 LogWorks Log

It enables easy analysis and manipulation of engine data acquired.
File View

File View FView List File

Views and prints files as text, hexadecimal dump or raw stream of bytes.