.MDL file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .MDL extension

Rational Rose Modeler

Rational Rose Modeler Rose Model Diagram

Rational Rose Modeler is your choice if your needs are for UML modeling software.
rapidform2006 Basis

rapidform2006 Basis rapidform Document

Rational Rose 2000

Rational Rose 2000 Rose Model

Altium Designer Winter 09

Altium Designer Winter 09 Simulation Model

UGS Teamcenter Visualization 2007

UGS Teamcenter Visualization 2007 ImageView Document (.mdl)

MATLAB Student

MATLAB Student Simulink model file

MATLAB is the language of technical computing at leading engineering.
Ohmikron Model

Ohmikron Model Model Document

Rational Rose C++ Demo

Rational Rose C++ Demo Rose Model Diagram

Moray For Windows

Moray For Windows Moray Scene File

One of the best pov-ray editors ever.
Rational Rose Professional J Edition

Rational Rose Professional J Edition Rose Model

Includes all fixes from Rose Professional J Edition iFix001 and iFix002.
Rational Rose

Rational Rose Rose Model

Mp3 2 MiniDisc

Mp3 2 MiniDisc MD-Labelmaker File

Mp3 2 MiniDisc copy music from your PC to your MiniDisc.