.MID file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .MID extension

Nemesis Player

Nemesis Player midfile

This program allows users to edit scenes, create menu projects and watch movies.

PPS網路視頻 MIDI 音頻檔案


RealOnePlayer MIDI Audio

Notation Musician

Notation Musician NotationComposer

Reads and creates notation scores from MIDI files.

¿ìÀÖÓ°Òô MIDI????

SONAR Home Studio 6

SONAR Home Studio 6 Cakewalk MIDI Sequence

MIDI Maestro

MIDI Maestro Standard Midi File

Midi Maestro is software for music editing, converting and live performance.

RealArcade MIDI Audio

game manager.

RealMedia MIDI Audio

RealPlayer Plus

RealPlayer Plus MIDI Audio

BlazeDVD Standard

BlazeDVD Standard BlazeDVD Audio File

Visualization enables BlazeDVD to display multi-colored shapes and patterns.
SONAR 6 Producer Edition

SONAR 6 Producer Edition Cakewalk MIDI Sequence

Miles Sound Tools

Miles Sound Tools MIDI Sequence

Miles Sound Tools 7.2 is a package of utilities for adding sound to your games.
MidiIllustrator Maestro

MidiIllustrator Maestro MidiIllustrator Maestro

Create notations and print them in the required format.