.OGG file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .OGG extension

MelOn Player

MelOn Player Melon Media File


CD-Runner Cdlaunch.Document

multimedia player & ripper.
Maximum MP3

Maximum MP3 Maximum MP3 Browse


musikCube musikCube audio file

A handy application that allows you to create and manage a music library .
FantasyDVD Platinum

FantasyDVD Platinum FantasyDVD Multimedia File

Try it and you will forget all the problems with audio and video files playing!

¾E¼U ?? ogg File

PhatNoise Media Manager

PhatNoise Media Manager

Allows you to seamlessly access, transfer, and playback music and movie files.


RealPlayer is one of the most popular video player.
Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro Ogg Vorbis Audio

Edit video and manage media projects using multiple nested timelines.

dosirak dosirak Media File

iViVo IVIVO media player

iViVo IVIVO media player IVIVO media file (.ogg)

Express Scribe Free Transcription Software

Express Scribe Free Transcription Software Express Scribe Dictation File

Type in your transcriptions of audio recordings with the help of a foot pedal.