.PLS file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .PLS extension

The Core Media Player

The Core Media Player The Core Media file

Provides a powerful & intuitive A/V interface.

jetAudio Winamp playlist file

JetAudio Basic is a video and music player but it also can burn CD's,record,etc.

UltraPlayer UltraPlayer Playlist

Ultra Player supports many formats: WMA, WAV, Internet Radio, AVI, Real, MPEG.
RealPlayer Plus

RealPlayer Plus MP3 PlayLists (.m3u,.pls,.xpl)


QvodPlayer MySQL Tools for

QVOD player (Nora) is a powerful universal player.
Nero ShowTime

Nero ShowTime Audio PlayList

RealPlayer Enterprise

RealPlayer Enterprise Audio PlayList

RealPlayer Enterprise provides many of the features of the RealPlayer client.
Snooker147 & Poolster

Snooker147 & Poolster MySQL Tools for

This package contrains a virtual snooker game and a pool (billiards) one.
Musicmatch Jukebox

Musicmatch Jukebox Shoutcast File

Musicmatch Jukebox is a multimedia player with recording and Internet radio.
Qvod Player

Qvod Player MySQL Tools for

IVIVO media player

IVIVO media player IVIVO media file (.pls)

A complex media system that enables you to search, play and organize media.
InterVideo WinRip

InterVideo WinRip WinRip Play List File

Yahoo! Player

Yahoo! Player MP3 Playlist

Plays a wide variety of music/media including mp3 and Windows Media.
Quintessential Media Player

Quintessential Media Player QMP Playlist

Quintessential Media Player is a free audio player with many advanced options.
iViVo IVIVO media player

iViVo IVIVO media player IVIVO media file