.PRJ file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .PRJ extension


Monarch Project File

Information is power. And, Monarch is the smart business intelligence software.

WinEdt WinEdt Project File

Edit LaTeX documents, HTML pages, and other text files.

Clarity PRJ Chromatography Project File

Project management, issue/bug tracking and wiki system for software teams.
Electric Image Universe Updater

Electric Image Universe Updater Universe Animator Project


WaveLab WaveLab.prj

Edit, mix, and analyze audio files and perform batch processing.

CUBE Application Manager File

You play as a purple block and you need to bypass the yellow blocks.
FrameForge 3D Studio Demo

FrameForge 3D Studio Demo Just-in-Case Previz Backup

Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio 2006 XML Enterprise Edition is an advanced XML IDE.
Elnec PG4UW

Elnec PG4UW Elnec Pg4uw project

ELNEC PG4UW is a control program for ELNEC programmers.
QA C Source Code Analyser

QA C Source Code Analyser QA Project File

QA·C is the industry leading analysis solution for the C language.
Hookipa v.20.1

Hookipa v.20.1 Projet APILOG


IDL IDL project file


SuperBeam SuperBeam 4 Demo project file

Easily design beams that will be used in your next project.
Softools Rabbit WinIDE

Softools Rabbit WinIDE Softools WinIDE project

It allows the full range of programs to be developed.
IAR Embedded Workbench

IAR Embedded Workbench IAR EW Project