.SHS file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .SHS extension


SoundMAX 碎片对象

A very popular and very good audio coder for onboard sound cards.
Haali Media Splitter

Haali Media Splitter Scrap object

Haali Media Splitter is a container decoder/splitter.
DivX Media Codec

DivX Media Codec Scrap object

Agere Systems AC'97 Modem

Agere Systems AC'97 Modem Scrap object

Modem driver.
eBLVD Host Software

eBLVD Host Software Scrap object

You can make online web demos, sales presentations and web conferences.
AllWaterfallSaver (Free Version)

AllWaterfallSaver (Free Version) Scrap object

AllWaterfallSaver will bring majestic waterfalls to your screen.
Dr. DivX OSS

Dr. DivX OSS Scrap object

Dr. DivX OSS is a portable application for transcoding videos to DivX.

OpenEdge Scrap object

OpenEdge is a development platform to build applications for secure deployment.

AccessMyLan Scrap object

LISREL Student

LISREL Student Scrap object

This software has become synonymous with structural equation modeling.
DivX Bundle

DivX Bundle Scrap object

Microsoft Sapi

Microsoft Sapi Scrap object

Java 2 SDK Standard Edition

Java 2 SDK Standard Edition Scrap object

This is a development kit widely used for Server programming using Java platform.