.SMIL file extension

This is the list of programs to work with .SMIL extension

RealOne Enterprise Desktop

RealOne Enterprise Desktop SMIL Multimedia Presentation


PPS网络电视 Real媒体文件

Roden Web Editor

Roden Web Editor

Editor for many web languages - HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, XSLT, RSS, SVG, SMIL,......
BlazeDVD Standard

BlazeDVD Standard BlazeDVD Real Media File

Visualization enables BlazeDVD to display multi-colored shapes and patterns.
RealOne Player (32-bit)

RealOne Player (32-bit) SMIL Multimedia Presentation


MPlayer Media file

MPlayer is a movie player which runs on many systems.
RealNetworks RealPlayer

RealNetworks RealPlayer SMIL Multimedia Presentation


BSPlayer Realmedia File

BSPlayer plays standard media files and streaming contents.
X-OOM DVD Player Deluxe

X-OOM DVD Player Deluxe BlazeDVD Real Media File

Real Alternative

Real Alternative

Real Alternative is a program that installs the support for Real Media files.