.APR file extension

This is the basic program to work with .APR extension

ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for DesktopMySQL Tools for

ArcGIS for Desktop allows you to analyze your data and author geographic knowledge to examine relationships, test predictions, and ultimately make better decisions. Simplify data design, input, and cleanup with advanced editing capabilities. Automate many aspects of cartography, making intelligent map production a less time-consuming task... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: gnd, mxd, mxt and apr

.APR extension is also supported by the following programs:

DXP 2004

DXP 2004CAMtastic Aperture Data

Altium Designer

Altium DesignerCAMtastic Aperture Data

Leverages innovative technologies to help you focus less on the process.
Lotus SmartSuite

Lotus SmartSuiteApproach View File

It is the industry's most complete suite for enterprise and individual users.
Site Content Analyzer

Site Content AnalyzerSite Content Analyzer Project

Site Content Analyzer examines HTML pages on and offline to provide you a detailed report about keyw...
TatukGIS Editor

TatukGIS EditorTatukGIS File

It is a general purpose GIS desktop mapping and data editing application.
Protel DXP

Protel DXPCAMtastic Aperture Data

Bringing a host of new and enhanced features to rule definition,printing signal.
DXP 2004 SP2

DXP 2004 SP2CAMtastic Aperture Data

Lotus SmartSuite Release

Lotus SmartSuite ReleaseApproach View File

Altium Designer Summer 08

Altium Designer Summer 08CAMtastic Aperture Data

Lets you create your next-generation of electronic products.
TatukGIS Viewer

TatukGIS ViewerTatukGIS File

The TatukGIS Editor is a desktop GIS mapping and data editing application.

DXPCAMtastic Aperture Data

DXP allows you to visualize PDF files that are exported.

ArcViewMySQL Tools for

Ssoftware for visualizing, managing, creating, and analyzing geographic data.
Lotus SmartSuite - English

Lotus SmartSuite - EnglishApproach View File