.HA file extension

This is the basic program to work with .HA extension


IZArcIZArc HA Archive

IZArc is a Windows utility that helps you create, edit, convert, and extract archive files with minimum effort. The application is very intuitive, works with multiple archive formats, and provides you with the results you need within moments, without slowing down your PC... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: gz, 7z, iso, rar, tgz, zip, z, a, ha, tz, bh, bz2, cdi, pk3, bza, img, war, gza, mdf, zoo, lha, gca, nrg, pak, tar, lzh, yz1, pdi, taz, b64, tbz, lib, mim, uue, arc, xxe, deb, rpm, cab, jar, mbf, ace, bin, arj, c2d, enc, cpio, r81, r27, r48, r99, r64, r11, r82, r28, r49, r65, r12, r83, r29, r50, r66, r13, r84, r51, r67, r14, r85, r52, r68, r15, r30, r33, r86, r53, r00, r69, r16, r36, r87, r54, r01, r70, r17, r37, r88, r55, r02, r71, r18, r38, r89, r56, r03, r73, r19, r39, r90, r57, r04, r74, r20, r40, r91, r58, r05, r75, r21, r22, r41, r92, r59, r06, r76, r23, r44, r93, r60, r07, r77, r24, r45, r94, r61, r08, r78, r25, r46, r95, r62, r09, r79, r80, r26, r47, r98, r63 and r10

.HA extension is also supported by the following programs:


ALZipALZip ha File

ALZip offers you a very simple and easy way to manage archive files.

ZipItFreeZipItFree file

ZipItFree is a free alternative to archive managers like WinZIP or WinRAR.

UltimateZipUltimateZip File

Create, encrypt and extract archive files on your PC.
UltimateZip 2007

UltimateZip 2007UltimateZip File

UltimateZip is a commercial file compression utility.

PowerZipPowerZip Archive

Create password-protected Zip files and encrypt confidential documents.

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BraZipArquivo BraZip