.LZH file extension

This is the basic program to work with .LZH extension


WinRAR WinRAR archive

WinRAR is a multi-purpose archive manager to create RAR and ZIP archives. This program supports many formats for extracting data including RAR, CAB, ISO, ZIP to name a few. With this application, you can also lock your archives or add encryption. Repairing and recovering corrupted archives is also possible provided the archives have the recovery information... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: 7z, gz, tgz, zip, iso, rar, z, uu, bz, tbz, uue, xxe, ace, arj, cab, jar, bz2, bin, sda, lha, ear, rev, lzh, war, tar, par, taz, tbz2, r02, r30, r85, r18, r52, r68, r03, r33, r86, r19, r53, r69, r04, r36, r87, r20, r54, r70, r71, r05, r37, r88, r21, r55, r73, r06, r38, r89, r22, r56, r74, r07, r39, r90, r23, r57, r75, r08, r40, r91, r24, r58, r76, r09, r41, r92, r25, r59, r77, r10, r44, r93, r26, r60, r78, r11, r45, r94, r27, r61, r79, r12, r46, r95, r28, r62, r80, r13, r47, r98, r29, r63, r81, r14, r48, r99, r64, r82, r15, r49, r65, r83, r16, r50, r66, r00, r01, r84, r17, r51, r67, 001 and 004

.LZH extension is also supported by the following programs:


WinZip WinZip File

Compress, password protect, and share files using ZIP archives.

IZArc IZArc LZH Archive

Create and extract archive files on your Windows PC.

7-Zip lzh Archive

Pack and unpack the most common archive file formats for free.

ALZip ALZip lzh File

ALZip offers you a very simple and easy way to manage archive files.

PowerArchiver PowerArchiver LHA File

Compress files, extract archive content and compile ISO images.

WinAce lha Archive

Win-Ace is compression tool that deflates your files at high speed.

ACDSee ACDSee LZH Archive

Organize your photo collection via Face Detection feature.

PeaZip lzh Archive

Create and extract archive files using open source technologies.

TUGZip TUGZip LHA archive

TUGZip is a strong utility for archiving with Windows Explorer integration.

BitZipper BitZipper LZH Archive

BitZipper is an advanced data compression utility for Windows users.

ZipGenius LZH - ZipGenius File

ZipGenius helps you create ZIP archives and extract files with ease.

ZipItFree ZipItFree file

ZipItFree is a free alternative to archive managers like WinZIP or WinRAR.

Filzip Filzip file

Filzip is a FREE file compression utility for Windows.

StuffIt StuffIt Archive

StuffIt is a powerful and comprehensive archive manager.