.LOG file extension

This is the basic program to work with .LOG extension

Java 2 SDK Standard Edition

Java 2 SDK Standard EditionText Document

This is a development kit widely used for Server programming using Java platform. The difference between the Standard Edition is that it contains libraries that provide functionality to deploy fault-tolerant, distributed, multi-tier Java software, based mostly on modular components running on an application server... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: dat, ini, log, nfo, bd, as, fmp, shs, lin, mde, shp, rpt, wsc, slg, pld, unt, drc, ibp, nfl, upd, xlg, psf, lsp, jsp, xld, com, pat, dcs, cmd, swp, rtx, mnu, srl, dic, exp, mac, adt, exc, pgp, edn, kmp, sql, cus, cer, cfg, map, dce, crt, net, trc, dcl, scp, wtx, der, pmp, dxt, zap, inf, prs, avs, err, mns, scr, csp, ade, las, ins, sct, adp, mln, mmp, shb, isp, mnl, conf, ovpn and text

.LOG extension is also supported by the following programs:


UltraEditText Document

UltraEdit is a professional text editor for Windows OS.

Notepad++Notepad++ Document

Code editor that supports basic syntax highlighting.

Win32PadText Document

Win32pad is a small, compact and powerful text editing software.
Just Great Software EditPad Lite

Just Great Software EditPad LiteText Document

Flexible text editor for all plain text file formats in various platforms.
Java 2 SDK Enterprise Edition

Java 2 SDK Enterprise EditionText Document

SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS Enterprise GuideSAS Log


NfoDizLOG Document

A no-nag shareware program used to view and edit the NFO and DIZ file types as well as other ASCII t...

TextPadText Document

An extremely light feature-rich text editor suitable for programming.
PSPad editor

PSPad editorText Document

PSPad editor is a programmers editor supporting multiple syntax highlighting.
HTML Help Workshop

HTML Help WorkshopLog File

With this tool you can create help files for Windows applications and web pages.

UEStudioText Document

UEStudio is an advanced text, HTML, PHP, Perl, and Java editor for programmers.

WinEdtLog File

Allows creating documents with a high typographic quality.

MSWLogoText Document

Logo is an interactive programming language for adventurers of all ages.
Travsys Comms Client PRO

Travsys Comms Client PROLog