.98B file extension

This is the basic program to work with .98B extension


ProFile Profile 1998 T1 Backup

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The program works with the following extensions: 00t, 02z, 05b, 05z, 00x, 03a, 06t, 00y, 03b, 06x, 01b, 03c, 06y, 01c, 03d, 06z, 01r, 03r, 97b, 01t, 03t, 98a, 01x, 03x, 98b, 01y, 03y, 99a, 01z, 03z, 99b, 02a, 04d, 02b, 04r, 02r, 04t, 02t, 04x, 07r, 02x, 04y, 00r, 02y and 04z