.CDF file extension

This is the basic program to work with .CDF extension

Yahoo! Internet Mail

Yahoo! Internet Mail Channel File

The program works with the following extensions: gif, zip, jpg, wmf, bmp, png, jpeg, emf, stl, tif, jpe, udl, url, ivf, p7r, crd, cat, p7s, cer, tvp, cnf, prf, crl, qds, cdf, crt, rat, uea, der, shb, dib, shs, dun, sst, jfif, tiff, crds, ueaf, theme, msstyles, appref-ms and slupkg-ms

.CDF extension is also supported by the following programs:

HDF Explorer

HDF Explorer Hdf Document

It is a data visualization app that reads the HDF, HDF5 and netCDF data files.
USB Product Driver

USB Product Driver Channel File

Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor Channel File

Belarc Advisor is a tool that can analyze your computer.
DataTraveler Driver

DataTraveler Driver Channel File


KUSBDTII & II+ Channel File


Maptitude Caliper Compact Geographic Database