.FAS file extension

This is the basic program to work with .FAS extension



BioEdit is a biological sequence alignment editor. It allows you to view and manipulate sequences with simple point-and-click operations. This program comes with a plasmid drawing interface for automated creation of plasmid vector graphic from a DNA sequence... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: aa, bio, fsa, gen, pir, aln, gcg, pmd, fst, nbr, fas, ab1, abi and fasta

.FAS extension is also supported by the following programs:

Wondershare Flash Album Studio

Wondershare Flash Album Studio FAS Project File

The new way to create stunning flash photo albums with cool themes and music.


An integrated tool for conducting automatic and manual sequence alignment.
FM Advisor

FM Advisor FM Advisor ’è‹`ƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹(ƒCƒ“ƒ^[ƒlƒbƒg—p)

Wondershare Photo Story

Wondershare Photo Story PhotoStory Project File

Create cool flash album with digital photos.