.FLP file extension

This is the basic program to work with .FLP extension

FL Studio

FL Studio FL Studio project file

FL Studio provides you with all the tools, features, utilities, and functions you will ever need to produce, compose, record, mix, edit, and enhance your music. This professional, full-featured software application has clearly been designed with the professional musician, producer, or audio editor in mind... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: flp, fsc, fst and flkey

.FLP extension is also supported by the following programs:

Adobe Flash Public Alpha

Adobe Flash Public Alpha Flash Project File


FruityLoops Fruity Loops Loop File

Create loops in wav, mp3 or midi version.
MyAttorney Home And Business

MyAttorney Home And Business Family Lawyer Document

Comprehensive and professional legal tools for small business, home, or family.
ACTIVstudio Professional Edition

ACTIVstudio Professional Edition Activstudio Flipchart

Quicken Family Lawyer 2001

Quicken Family Lawyer 2001 Family Lawyer Document

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Flash Project File

Flash CS4 is a complete and popular animation program.
Home & Business Lawyer

Home & Business Lawyer Family Lawyer Document

Home & Business Lawyer helps you prepare legal documents and forms.

ACTIVprimary Activprimary Flipchart File

A whole new launch pad for your teaching: the dashboard.
Family Lawyer 2002

Family Lawyer 2002 Family Lawyer Document

MyAttorney Business Forms

MyAttorney Business Forms Family Lawyer Document

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player Flash Project File

Flash Player Standalone is a free program designed to play Flash format files.
Broderbund Family Lawyer

Broderbund Family Lawyer Family Lawyer Document

ACTIVstudio Professional

ACTIVstudio Professional ACTIVstudio 2 Flipchart File

FruityLoops Pro TS-404

FruityLoops Pro TS-404 Fruity Loops Loop File