.FPOPEN file extension

This is the basic program to work with .FPOPEN extension

Microsoft Office FrontPage

Microsoft Office FrontPage Microsoft FrontPage Open File

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 offers powerfull functions, allowing to create dynamic interactive professional level web-sites. It can easily be used by any user, even by a beginner. Just write the html code in the "Design" window and use tags from the toolbox with editing tag properties, and change the style of the text... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: css, dwt, msg, vcf, vcs, fwp, fav, xnk, prf, hol, ics, fpweb, fpxml, fpnav, fphtml, fplist, fpopen, fptheme, fpnopub, fpsurvey, fpdoclib, fphomeop, fphomepg, fplinkbar and fplistdata

.FPOPEN extension is also supported by the following program:

Microsoft Office 2007 Recent Documents Gadget

Microsoft Office 2007 Recent Documents Gadget Microsoft FrontPage Open File