.IGES file extension

This is the basic program to work with .IGES extension

UGS Teamcenter Visualization 2007

UGS Teamcenter Visualization 2007 ImageView Document (.iges)

The program works with the following extensions: c4, jt, fs, ov, mi, vf, bw, jp2, gbr, tg4, etf, pgm, cg4, vps, mil, pnm, igs, vvi, ppm, epl, vvx, ras, evv, stp, w2d, x_b, rgb, gbx, wrl, x_t, gvl, mdl, dgn, vpl, sgi, par, dwf, dwg, pdg, sun, idw, dxf, hp2, jxt, hpg, mds, ovx, j2k, tga, alf, jpc, fsx, mpc, mlr, asm, ovl, dft, pbm, vfz, pwd, psm, pcx, cal, pvl, ext, rvf, jbg, iges, dept, step, rgba, jiff, wbmp, milr, pdgs, xmt_bin, xmt_txt, 907 and 906

.IGES extension is also supported by the following program:

Machining Strategist Demo

Machining Strategist Demo Machining Strategist Geometry