.IXA file extension

This is the basic program to work with .IXA extension


UltraISO UltraISO File

Developed by EZB Systems, UltraISO is a powerful and well-known CD and DVD images handler. It's very versatile, being capable of duplicating disc to CD/DVD image, editing and converting ISO files in various formats or creating audio CD images. UltraISO is an easy to use tool, with rich features and fast conversion speed, that fully delivers what it promises... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: iso, ui, xa, gi, img, mdf, p2i, mds, rdf, b5i, nrg, md1, b5t, p01, ima, bin, pdi, b6i, c2d, pxi, bwt, ccd, tao, ixa, cdi, uif, cif, vc4, vdi, cue, bwi, daa, dao, lcd, xmd, dmg, ncd, xmf, fcd, vcd, gcd, dvd, isz, ashdisc and vaporcd