.M2A file extension

This is the basic program to work with .M2A extension


QuickTime MPEG video/audio stream

Includes support for the key media formats, such as H.264 and AAC. The QuickTime web browser plug-in is no longer installed by default and is removed if you have a previous version of QuickTime on your PC. If you still need this legacy plug-in, you can add it back using the custom setup option in the installer... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: bmp, mp3, gif, mp4, jpg, swf, png, psd, mkv, avi, jpeg, mov, dv, au, qt, qtl, m3u, qup, aac, rts, amc, mps, mid, m4a, qif, ac3, amr, xpl, m4b, sd2, bwf, mac, mp2, m4p, dib, sdp, caf, jp2, m4v, sdv, mpa, m75, jpe, smf, cel, mpe, smi, dif, rgb, mpm, sgi, mpg, mpv, pct, sml, aif, flc, rmi, mqv, pic, swa, fli, m2a, snd, pls, ulw, gsm, mmv, wav, qcp, vfw, kar, pnt, 3g2, qht, m15, qti, 3gp, tif, m4e, m1v, m1a, tga, m2v, m1s, 3gpp, adts, mpga, rtsp, midi, cdda, pntg, qtif, mpeg, smil, mpg4, aifc, pict, aiff, qhtm, 3gp2, tiff, moov, movie, m3url and targa

.M2A extension is also supported by the following programs:


ACDSee ACDSee 8.0 M2A Video

Organize, view, edit, print, catalog and find all of your graphic files.
Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player m2a File

A powerful and convenient media manager from Microsoft.
Haihaisoft Universal Player

Haihaisoft Universal Player

This program allows you to play your favorite multimedia files.
DSPlayer lite

DSPlayer lite DSPlayer associated file

Pure Codec Player

Pure Codec Player Audio file

It installs 3 different players and codecs required to play video files.

MEDIACRUISE Canopus Audio File

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is a free audio and video player for Windows.

StormPlayer ӰƬÒôƵÎļþ(M2A)

Real Alternative

Real Alternative

Real Alternative is a program that installs the support for Real Media files.

MpcStar MPEG audio files(m2a)

Plays all your movies and music downloaded from the internet.
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema MPEG Audio file

A video player that supports all common video, audio and image file formats.