.OPENBUS file extension

This is the basic program to work with .OPENBUS extension

Altium Designer Summer 08

Altium Designer Summer 08 Altium OpenBus Document

The Summer 08 release of Altium Designer lets you create your next-generation of electronic products. Embedded designers, board-level experts and system engineers have access to over 150 new power packed features and enhancements that let you design in new ways... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: g1, g4, g3, g6, si, so, g2, gko, gpt, gp2, gtp, g21, gm1, gp6, cam, g22, g23, gp7, asm, g24, drc, gp8, gm6, g25, drl, gp9, gbr, g26, drr, g10, gtl, gpb, g27, gm2, g11, gto, rep, g28, edf, gm3, g12, mdl, bas, g29, pwl, gm4, g13, gbl, g30, gm5, g14, rpt, lib, gm7, g15, pjt, gm8, g16, nsx, sch, gdd, src, gm9, edn, g17, apr, gdg, gts, gp3, g18, apt, gg1, sdf, gp4, ckt, ggg, tcl, net, gp5, g20, vhdl, gm10, gm11, gm15, gm16, edif, gp11, gp15, gp16, dblib, laxan, pcb3d, pcbdoc, vertst, prjcor, dblink, prjemb, deswrk, vhdlib, prjfpg, vhdmdl, fpgtrg, vhdtst, prjgrp, prjpcb, dsnwrk, prjscr, schdoc, laxdig, schdot, libpkg, schlib, outjob, srcdoc, prjfpga, harness, ediflib, openbus, pcb3dlib, constraint and annotation

.OPENBUS extension is also supported by the following program:

Altium Designer Winter 09

Altium Designer Winter 09 Altium OpenBus Document