.ROOT file extension

This is the basic program to work with .ROOT extension


UltraEdit Root Files

UltraEdit is a complete text editor mostly used by professionals in web development and programming, but which can be used by regular individuals as a more complex substitute for Notepad. It's appreciated by professionals because it offers unique features such as syntax highlighting for nearly every programming language, code folding and hierarchical function listing and a powerful XML handler... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: js, htm, xml, hlp, ini, log, nfo, css, dat, html, c, h, ue, bd, err, hex, las, prj, hst, mln, mnl, cpp, src, shp, pgp, mfp, unt, hpp, sas, xlg, lin, lst, slg, cnf, bak, mak, nfl, scr, trc, lsp, bin, adt, psf, cus, pat, dce, mnu, dcl, mns, dxt, fmp, conf, java, root, cobol and xevgenxml