.SDR file extension

This is the basic program to work with .SDR extension


SmartDraw SmartDraw Drawing

SmartDraw is the easy-to-use Windows program for drawing flowcharts, organizational charts, time tines, presentations, business forms, floor plans, network diagrams, Gantt charts, calendars, certificates, software design and UML diagrams, maps, flyers, and more. Its ease-of-use makes it particularly suitable for users who need to create professional-quality drawings quickly and simply, without having to invest time in learning a complex application... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: sdl, sdr and sdt

.SDR extension is also supported by the following programs:


D-Player2 D-Player DRM file

SmartDraw Trial Edition

SmartDraw Trial Edition SmartDraw Drawing


D-Player D-Player DRM file

D-Player is a real time 3-D player where a cyber dancer dances to music.

DPSurvey DPSurvey's file

SmartDraw PDF Filter

SmartDraw PDF Filter SmartDraw Drawing

View and export PDF documents from the SmartDraw application.