.SMP file extension

This is the basic program to work with .SMP extension

SonicStage Mastering Studio

SonicStage Mastering Studio

The program works with the following extensions: smp

.SMP extension is also supported by the following programs:

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition SampleVision file

Create, mix, and design sound effects in a multi-track audio workstation.
SWF & FLV Player

SWF & FLV Player SWF & FLV Player playlist

Eltima's SWF & FLV Player is used to play your SWF flash and FLV video files.

SmartMusic SmartMusic Public Accompaniment

SmartMusic is award-winning interactive music software.
SkyMap Pro

SkyMap Pro SkyMap Map

SkyMap Pro is a CD-ROM planetarium and star-charting program.
ScreensaverMaker TE

ScreensaverMaker TE ScreensaverMaker Project File

ScreensaverMaker will display your photos, videos and sounds on your desktop.


SYSTAT is a versatile and comprehensive statistical software package.
Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite SampleVision file

Sonic Foundry SoundForge

Sonic Foundry SoundForge SampleVision or Ad Lib Audio


SimuProc SimuProc Programa (Asm)


SourceMonitor Source Monitor Project

It is a program that enables you to debug your source code.