.TAB file extension

This is the basic program to work with .TAB extension

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003 - English

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003 - English SQL Table Script file

The program works with the following extensions: ico, h, i, c, s, cs, vb, mk, rc, tli, sln, lst, cxx, trg, mak, tab, vdp, def, udf, map, srf, vjp, udt, prc, dmp, usr, mdp, dsp, sql, dsw, odh, dbp, odl, dbs, hpp, asm, dtq, hxx, viw, rc2, etp, web, rct, ext, idl, res, rgs, fky, inc, xsx, cod, kci, inl, lib, sdl, lgn, tlh, cpp, rul, jsl, vap, mdmp, wsdl, asax, ascx, asmx, aspx, java, disco, csproj, vbproj, vcproj, vdproj, config, csdproj, vbdproj, webinfo and vjsproj

.TAB extension is also supported by the following programs:

MapInfo Professional

MapInfo Professional MapInfo Table

Create maps from different kinds of data using this program.
MapInfo Professional SCP

MapInfo Professional SCP MapInfo Table


Guitarz Guitarz Raw Tab File

Guitarz has all the building blocks you need to start playing guitar .

DBArtisan Results Document

DBArtisan helps your business by providing powerful tools for your database.
TatukGIS Editor

TatukGIS Editor TatukGIS File

It is a general purpose GIS desktop mapping and data editing application.
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 SQL Table Script file

ThinkFree Office Calc

ThinkFree Office Calc

ThinkFree Calc is a new and innovative office tool.
Fretlight Ready Guitarz

Fretlight Ready Guitarz Guitarz Raw Tab File


WAsP WAsP observed wind climate file