.UMX file extension

This is the basic program to work with .UMX extension



Listening to your favorite music on your laptop or PC is more and more becoming part of our daily routine. In order to have all the music we download and transfer to our PC from different media nicely organized, AIMP offers you an easy-to-use music library with advanced tagging capabilities, support for all the most common formats, audio conversion, and other useful utilities, all for free... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: mp3, wma, wv, it, xm, mod, mpc, mp2, rmi, mtm, wav, s3m, aac, mo3, kar, plc, umx, pls, cue, aif, mp1, cda, ogg, m3u, mid, ape, acs2, m3u8, flac and aiff

.UMX extension is also supported by the following programs:



JetAudio Basic is a video and music player but it also can burn CD's,record,etc.
Spider Player

Spider Player Spider Player audio file (UMX)

Spider Player can process sound with double precision internally.