.WVX file extension

This is the basic program to work with .WVX extension


RealPlayer Windows Media(TM) Video Shortcut

RealPlayer is one of the most popular video player and the only player that can play "real video" files properly - real video files are compact in size. The program has an audio/video library just like Windows Media Player. It can also be used to view web pages and download videos... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: vob, mp4, mp3, ifo, gif, swf, dat, avi, flv, mkv, wma, wmv, rt, mov, rv, ra, qt, aa, sc, rm, dv, au, rf, wm, rp, m3u, ogg, mmf, wmx, m4v, acp, rnx, mid, npi, wvx, bmo, awb, lks, 3g2, bmr, mp2, ivr, mbc, 3gp, rvx, mpv, bmt, m4e, obv, ssm, pls, la1, mpa, wbs, lar, mpe, ram, rmp, rts, rax, aac, mps, aif, sdp, lqt, mpg, rjs, ac3, rpl, smi, mnd, rmi, rjt, xpl, asf, mns, amr, rec, asx, wav, rmj, wax, rmm, flc, rpm, cda, fli, m1v, rom, rmx, m4a, m2v, mp1, vpg, m4p, dvd, rsml, midi, 3gp2, 3gpp, mpga, lavs, mpeg, aiff, smil, divx, flac, rmvb, camv, audiocd, r1m, r3t and 78

.WVX extension is also supported by the following programs:


ALShow ALShow WVX File

Codecs included movie player plays videos without searching for codecs.
Quintessential Player

Quintessential Player QCD Playlist

It is a feature rich media player for Microsoft Windows.
Haihaisoft Universal Player

Haihaisoft Universal Player

This program allows you to play your favorite multimedia files.
The Core Media Player

The Core Media Player The Core Media file

Provides a powerful & intuitive A/V interface.
Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player Windows Media Audio/Video playlist

A powerful and convenient media manager from Microsoft.
Quintessential Media Player

Quintessential Media Player QMP Playlist

Quintessential Media Player is a free audio player with many advanced options.


QVOD player (Nora) is a powerful universal player.
Yahoo! Player

Yahoo! Player Windows Media Audio/Video playlist

Plays a wide variety of music/media including mp3 and Windows Media.

Winamp Winamp playlist file

Manage and play audio and video files in your computer, and listen to podcasts.
GOM Player

GOM Player GOM Media file(.wvx)

Feature-rich media player with support for the most popular codecs and formats.
Pure Codec Player

Pure Codec Player Common Playlist

It installs 3 different players and codecs required to play video files.

Player Windows Media(TM) Video Shortcut

Player is a program that allows you to play and listen audio and video files.
Anole Media Player

Anole Media Player Windows Media Audio/Video playlist