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Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 WWI Document

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 is an Office software package just like "Open Office". It is the best among its kind. The package contains ... (1) Access 2007 - database management.. (2) Word 2007 - Word processing. (3) Excel 2007 - spreadsheet. (4) PowerPoint 2007 - presentation software. (5) Outlook 2007 - Email and Personal Manager. (5) Publisher 2007 ... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: vcg, fav, mda, mat, xnk, ols, mde, prf, mdn, pdt, ppa, hol, mdt, psw, pwd, ibc, mdw, pwi, ics, pwt, msg, fwp, mag, pwz, vcf, iqy, vcs, xla, csv, xlk, ade, dqy, xll, dot, adn, pot, adp, slk, xlt, odc, mad, wwi, gta, maq, docx, dotm, potm, dotx, potx, ppam, thmx, xlam, xltm, docm, xltx, accda, accdc, accde, accdr, accdt, accdu, pptxml, mdbhtml, pothtml, ppthtml, wizhtml, dochtml, xlshtml, dothtml, xlthtml and spdesignjs

.WWI extension is also supported by the following programs:

Microsoft Office Small Business

Microsoft Office Small Business WWI Document

productivity suite.
Microsoft Office Web Components

Microsoft Office Web Components WWI Document

A plugin for Internet Explorer to allow it display Microsoft Office Content.