.XAR file extension

This is the basic program to work with .XAR extension

Xara Xtreme Pro

Xara Xtreme Pro XaraX Document

With Xara Xtreme Pro we can draw, edit, publish and handle our photos like we wish. When we open this program, we can see a Menu Bar, a color line, a status line, scrollbars, animation and ruler toolbars, and one window for handling our projects. There are also other features that we can apply; for example, galleries, where we can find a color gallery (there is an amazing quantity of these)... (more)

The program works with the following extensions: web, xar

.XAR extension is also supported by the following programs:


7-Zip xar Archive

Pack and unpack the most common archive file formats for free.

TwidoSuite TwidoSuite Application

Software used to program and configure Twido programmable controllers.
Xara Xtreme

Xara Xtreme XaraX Document

Xtreme produces vector and bitmapped designs combining drawing, photos and text.

CorelXARA CorelXARA Document


CorelXARA2 CorelXARA Document

Xara Webster2

Xara Webster2 CorelXARA Document

Xara Webster

Xara Webster CorelXARA Document

Create and optimise Web vector and bitmap graphics.