.PLN file extension

This is the basic program to work with .PLN extension


ArchiCADArchiCAD Solo Project

The program works with the following extensions: bpp, cpr, dor, pae, fpr, mde, fps, pea, ism, tpl, lcl, sps, lmp, plc, pla, bpe, pln, a3d, pne, mod, spr, ppe, wps, rps, rpr, gsm, 2dl, rsm, gps, 2le, bpc, plp, bep, ppa, bpn, pca and -bce

.PLN extension is also supported by the following programs:

Agilix GoBinder Lite

Agilix GoBinder LiteGoBinder database file

Home Plan Pro

Home Plan ProHome Plan Pro File

Eeasily draw good-quality, straightforward designs.

MasterCookMasterCook MealPlan

MasterCook is a handy application that includes an extensive list of recipes.
FranklinCovey TabletPlanner

FranklinCovey TabletPlannerTabletPlanner database file


SilkTestSilkTest Plan File

Dodge View

Dodge ViewDodge Plan Files

MasterCook Deluxe Edition

MasterCook Deluxe EditionMasterCook MealPlan


SmartCUT.SmartCUT Cutting Plan File

Smart2DCutting is a professional cutting software package designed for panel cutting optimization.
FranklinCovey PlanPlus for Windows

FranklinCovey PlanPlus for WindowsPlanPlus database file

Twiddlebit Plan for Windows

Twiddlebit Plan for WindowsTwiddlebit Plan Document

Plan is a project planner which is similar and compatible with,Microsoft Project.
Spaceman Professional

Spaceman ProfessionalSpaceman Planogram

With Spaceman Professional you can replicate virtually any retail environment.

RocPlaneRocPlane Document

It is created for performing planar rock slope stability analysis and design.

EspriESPRI Media Analysis

Gnumeric Spreadsheet

Gnumeric SpreadsheetGnumeric Spreadsheet

Gnumeric is an excellent open-source spreadsheeet application.