.RSM file extension

This is the basic program to work with .RSM extension


ArchiCAD ArchiCAD Room Library Part

The program works with the following extensions: rps, ppe, wps, rpr, gsm, 2dl, rsm, gps, 2le, bpc, plp, bep, ppa, bpn, pca, bpp, cpr, dor, pae, fpr, mde, pea, fps, tpl, ism, sps, lcl, plc, lmp, bpe, pla, a3d, pln, spr, pne, mod and -bce

.RSM extension is also supported by the following programs:

SAP Solution Composer

SAP Solution Composer Solution Composer File

Helps you visualize, plan, and implement coherent and comprehensive IT solutions.
WinWay Resume

WinWay Resume WinWay Resume Document

Resume Pro

Resume Pro Resume Pro 3.0


RSTestStand RSTestStand Project File