.RPS file extension

This is the basic program to work with .RPS extension


ArchiCAD ArchiCAD Roof Properties Script

The program works with the following extensions: dor, pae, fpr, mde, fps, pea, ism, tpl, lcl, sps, lmp, plc, pla, bpe, pln, a3d, pne, mod, spr, ppe, wps, rps, rpr, gsm, 2dl, rsm, gps, 2le, bpc, plp, bep, ppa, bpn, pca, bpp, cpr and -bce

.RPS extension is also supported by the following programs:


Reason Reason Published Song File

Music making software for creating and mixing your music.
Reason Demo

Reason Demo Reason Published Song File

ReadPlease 2000

ReadPlease 2000 ReadPlease Speech Document

Free Text-to-speech Program - Read emails and web pages.
ReplayerStudio.com Replayer Studio

ReplayerStudio.com Replayer Studio ReplayerStudio Video Catalog file